GITHUB readme updated for minetest 0.3.1 texturepack

update readme for tronic for version 0.3.1!

Version for minetest 0.5.x coming soon. When its done.

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Battlefield 1942: High-Definition Mod - Roadmap/Features


2019 December:   

- 4k Uniform textures (most likely German, japanese versions)   
- 4k vehicle, aircraft textures (main tanks, planes)   
- Windmill, bridge, bed, carpet, bucket, book textures (basically the non-updated stuff from current release)   
- Enabled specular light, env map tweaks for multiplayer too.   
- Updated (4k) environment maps for all levels. (the texture set used as reflections)   
- Some other tweaks…   
- Performance version (bit lower quality)   

2020 Q2:  

- 4k Uniform textures (Russian, US and whatever is left)   
- 4k vehicle, aircraft textures (APC, jeep and whatever is left)   
- 4k weapon textures (german, USA maybe)   
- Reworked maps (adding objects/models for all levels).   
- Updates for expansion packs   

2020 Q4:   

- Fully updated UI/HUD   
- 4k textures for expansion packs (Ground, skybox, more important textures)   
- 4k textures for still not finished textures (weapons, ships?)   
- High resolution lightmaps maps made with 3DSMAX   
- Additional particle effects   


- “Very high quality”, “normal” and “high performance” versions   
- More updates for expansion packs   
- Model tweaks?   
- Installer?  Nothing is guaranteed, life can happen, etc. [Mehr lesen…]

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Battlefield 1942 Warfront released.

Warfront is a total game for the old game Battlefield 1942.

More Infos soon.

Warfront 3.5 Full
Warfront 3.5.1 Update

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